INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY by Artesian Spas. We are dedicated to providing quality cutting-edge products.


Personal Control for Every Seat

Custom Massage Seat | More Efficient | Reduces Operation Cost

The innovative patented DIRECTFLOW Personal Control® System combined with the VARIABLE FLOW CONTROL (VFC) provides each user the ultimate individual control and hydrotherapy experience.

1. AIR CONTROL – Air pressure adjustment
2. PUMP SWITCH – Turn individual seat pump on/off
3. Variable Flow Control – High or low jet pressure


The FROG® @ease™ in-line System

The combination of Fresh Mineral Water™ with SmartChlor™ Technology provides cleaner, clearer and softer spa water that’s far easier to maintain.

Only Shock ONCE a Month
SELF REGULATES for continuous clear water
Easy on hot tub surface with LESS ODORS
CLEANER because it kills bacteria 2 ways
Minerals condition the water for a SOFTER feel

Diamond AOP™

The Diamond AOP™ process combines the Nature2® option, Microfiltration, high efficiency Circulation Pump, and the AquaNova™ UVC & Ozone Spa Sanitizer, to create a highly advanced oxidation process (AOP) for water purification.


Crystal ProPure Water Purification combines the Ozonator, Dynamic Injector, and the ProPure Mixing Chamber.


Our new H2O PowerFlow Jets and our Patented Helix Jets provide a truly remarkable hydrotherapy massage.

Hydrotherapy involves the use of water to aid in pain relief and maintain health.  Every body is different, which is why we provide a wide variety of jet options. Treat yourself to the ultimate foot massage with our highly therapeutic Footblaster Jets. Feel the tension in your neck and shoulders melt away while you enjoy the Neck Jets. And for a more powerful massage, experience our Helix  Jets or Hydro Extreme Jets.


Artesian Spas Worldwide WiFi App Module

Technology made easy.  Use your smart phone to change your spa’s filtration and temperature settings.

Intuitive layout! Easy to manage all functions.

How it Works:
The app provides full interface control to set temperature, turn on pumps, set filtration cycles, and more. Gain access through local WiFi network, or anywhere in the world that has internet connection via 3G, 4G, or WiFi hot spots. App available on the App Store (iPhone) or Google play (Android).

The app’s cloud access cost is free for the first 12 months, then $24 per year after. If not renewed after 12 months, the app will continue to operate in local mode only.


Advanced Topside Digital Control Systems

The new generation of Artesian Spas’ control systems takes spa control to a whole new level. These new sleek designs include a large easy to read back-lit LCD with simple to follow menus and the technology to control your spa system wirelessly. Easily set the temperature, lighting preferences, reminders, diagnostics, languages, messages, and time.

Artesian Elite: SpaTouch 2 Topside: 3 Zone Lighting Ready, Color LCD Panel, WiFi Ready (Module Required), Multi-language Interface

Island Spas Elite: SpaTouch Topside: Color Touchscreen Panel, WiFi Ready (Module Required), Multi-language Interface

Island Spas: SpaTouch Topside: Color Touchscreen Panel, WiFi Ready (Module Required), Multi-language Interface

Garden Spas & South Seas Spas: Digital Control System with LCD Topside


The beauty of MicroSilk® blankets your entire body with billions of oxygen-rich micro bubbles, all the while, giving your skin a luxuriously silky feeling. Moisturize and cleanse at the same time. The micro bubbles enter the pores and lift away any impurities found in the skin, while plumping, hydrating and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. An oxygen-rich bath is good for your health, increasing the oxygen levels in the water up to 70%, improving collagen production. The positives of negatively charged ions, improves serotonin levels, neutralizing free radicals, while relaxing both the mind and the body.

The MicroSilk® option enhances the spa experience by creating a luxury oxygen-rich, micro bubble massage that works double time as a deep cleansing and rejuvenating system.

With a simple push of a button, the tub quickly starts to fill up with micro bubbles that appear as a white cloud. The white appearance comes from the billions of anions in each bubble. Anions are the negative charged particles that create the euphoric feeling similar to those found at the base of a waterfall. It is this bubble releasing of the anions that creates a mist and bubbling effect.

Being that these micro bubbles are smaller in size than pores on the skin, it allows dirt to be swept away by the ultra fine bubbles leaving a smooth and silky feeling and providing the following benefits:

Increased Hydration – Increased oxygen results in cellular respiration
Enhanced Skin Cell Growth – Oxygen improves collagen strength
Therapeutic levels of anions – Shown to reduce scars & reduce skin irritations


H20 PowerFlow Jets

The new and latest luxury line by Artesian Spas, Artesian Elite, is powered by unique jets that provide the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.

2” H20 PowerFlow Direct:

These “hand jets” located at the base of each seat and lounge are designed to give each user the flexibility to control and adjust the flow in any desired direction – perfect for melting away tension and creating a euphoric release of tight and commonly overworked muscles.

3” H20 PowerFlow Mini Roto:

This jet is the centerpiece of the Artesian Elite line – making up the majority of jets in our hydrotherapy spa line. Technological advances have helped develop a fully-rotational helix flow, designed to release residual tension in the back and legs – two commonly troublesome areas.

3” H20 PowerFlow Mini Massage:

Many people carry tension in their neck. This fixed massaging jet distributes flow through multiple orifices, designed specifically to disengage the overworked muscles in the neck, creating a chain-reaction of therapeutic benefits that can help whisk you away into a state of relaxation.

5” H20 PowerFlow Roto:

These high-pressure jets are engineered to help alleviate deep aches, pains and bothersome tension in the lower back area. Just a few quick minutes dedicated to your hydrotherapy routine can have lasting effects on your stress levels, your body and your mental clarity.

5” H20 PowerFlow Hydro Extreme:

These specialized whirlpool jets are located atop The Artesian Elite spas. The “eyeball” design gives maximum control and a targeted, stress-relieving experience for the middle region of your back. Ease your lower back into a heavenly release with a few dedicated moments of self-care, each and every day.

7” H20 PowerFlow Footblaster :

Your feet work hard for you every day. It only makes sense to ensure that you are giving your feet the opportunity to feel refreshed and renewed, with some dedicated massage time. Your feet deserve the best. Show them some serious love with these high-pressure massaging jets, which offer a perfect amount of warmth and pressure to soothe your tired feet and rejuvenate your soul.