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Deluxe Class

South Seas Spas in CT

Factory Direct Hot Tub distributes the two different classes of South Seas Spas in CT and surrounding areas. Whether you choose the Standard Spa or Deluxe Spa model, both are as committed to quality as they are to efficiency. Even the most basic hot tub package will let your stress melt as you are massaged with warm water powered by stainless steel jets inside maintenance-free hot tub cabinetry. You can add a stereo system and mood soothing lights for a custom-made vacation spot in your own backyard.

532 L           532L

532 L 532L Hot Tub

627 C

627 C Hot Tub

627 M

627 M Hot Tub

743 D

743 D Hot Tub

748 B

748 B Hot Tub

748 L

748 L Hot Tub

850 B

850 B Hot Tub

850 L

850 L Hot Tub

860 B

860 B Hot Tub

860 L

860 L Hot Tub

965 L

965 L Hot Tub