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Factory Direct, Hot Tub Dealer in CT, buys overstock spas by the truck load, eliminating the middle-man, thus, passing on the savings to our customers. Factory Direct Hot Tubs has been in business for 14 years serving the Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Vermont areas. You can trust us with helping you pick out the right spa. We have helped over 2,500 customers with both purchase and delivery.

You can buy with confidence knowing the spas sold at our hot tub stores are fully warrantied and come with our 7 day a week service program.

Let us help you relax with one of our custom built hot tubs – it will be like having a vacation in your own back yard. Relax with features like aromatherapy, colored lighting systems, waterfalls, pulsating foot jets and jets that swirl, spin and rotate. Our Artesian Spas, South Seas Spas and Durasport Spas provide true hydrotherapy.

If you are looking to relieve the pain of arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, or those sore and tired muscles, then nothing is more relaxing than kicking back in the warm, soothing waters of a luxury spa. We take pride in each product – at Factory Direct Hot Tubs, quality is number one.

Hot tubs are no longer luxuries for the famous and wealthy. People of modest means are now able to enjoy the benefits of a luxury spa. At Factory Direct Hot Tubs, we have many models to choose from. There’s a relaxing spa to match any home or budget.

Our forward-thinking manufactures use cutting-edge technologies and tooling to produce up to 45,000 custom home spas per year. The end result is a spa that is unique and superior not only in terms of aesthetics, but also for ergonomics and hydro-therapeutic performance.

Hot Tub Covers in CT

We have partnerships with hot tub parts and supplies as well. If you are looking for hot tub covers in CT and other parts, you can find it here.

Contact us at Factory Direct Hot Tubs today to learn more about our collection of hot tubs in CT collection including South Seas Spas and Dura Sport Spas.

All sales are final and there are no refunds.

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