The Garden Spas


Hot tubs designed for small homes and outdoor spaces, with a plug & play experience using a standard outlet.


Garden Spas are built with an ideal combination of innovative engineering and artistry. Condo and town home owners are no longer excluded from owning a hot tub. Garden Spas are small hot tubs designed especially for use in smaller homes and tight spaces, indoors and out. Garden Spas plug into a standard wall outlet, for an easy plug and play experience.

Wellness for Every Body

Calm Your Mind

While soaking in a spa you can close your eyes, let the jets massage your muscles and take time to both mentally and physically relax.

Relax Your Body

Taking time to relax in your spa can not only help relieve your tensed muscles, but can also lead to a better night’s sleep and a refreshed attitude.

Move in a New Direction

Hot Tubs and spas are well known for their therapeutic abilities, but did you know that you can exercise in your spa as well?