Hot to measure a hot tub cover
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How to Measure Your Hot Tub Cover

How to Measure Your Hot Tub Cover

The most important part of replacing your hot tub cover, is making sure you measure it properly. Measuring your hot tub and its cover might sound tricky, but with a few simple steps and tools, you can do it easily. Let’s dive in and learn how to measure a hot tub cover.

What You’ll Need to Measure Your Hot Tub Cover

Before you start, grab these tools:

  • Measuring tape
  • Carpenter’s square (also known as a framing square)
  • Pen and paper to jot down measurements

Step 1: Measure the Length and Width of Your Hot Tub Cover

  1. Length: Measure from one end of the hot tub to the other, along the longest side.
  2. Width: Measure the width of the hot tub, from side to side, at its widest point.

Step 2: Measure the Cover Skirt Length

The skirt refers to the portion of the cover that drapes over the edges of the hot tub.

  1. Skirt Length: Measure from the top of the hot tub’s edge to where you want the skirt to hang down.

Step 3: Consider the Corner Radius

Certain hot tubs feature curved corners. Utilize your tape measure to determine the radius (the distance from the corner to the point where the circular arc commences).

Step 4: Using a Carpenter’s Square

A carpenter’s square helps measure angles and ensure accurate corners.

  1. Square the Corner: Place the square against the corner of the hot tub to ensure it forms a perfect 90-degree angle.
  2. Smaller Radius: For hot tubs with small corner radii, use the square to mark the start of the bend.

Step 5: How to Measure the Cover Fit

  1. Start of the Bend: Measure from the imaginary point where the bend of the hot tub cover will start.
  2. Bend to the Imaginary Point: Measure the distance from the start of the bend to where it would end on the opposite side.

Easiest Way to Measure

  • Use a straight line and keep your measurements consistent.
  • Take multiple measurements to ensure accuracy.
  • Note down all measurements clearly.

Replacement Hot Tub Covers

When shopping for replacement hot tub covers, use the measurements you’ve taken to find the right size. Most covers are custom-made based on the dimensions you provide.

Why Accurate Measurements Matter

A well-fitted cover keeps your hot tub insulated, saving energy and preventing debris from entering. Improperly sized covers can be ineffective and may not provide adequate protection.


Measuring your hot tub cover doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right tools and following these steps, you can ensure your replacement cover fits perfectly. Remember, accuracy is key to enjoying the benefits of a well-fitted hot tub cover.

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